Versandantiquariat Hans-Jürgen Lange

Antiquarian bookseller for occult and phantastic literature.

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Our antiquarian bookshop "Versandantiquariat Hans-Jürgen Lange" mainly maintains occult books.


So, primarily you will find with us literature on themes like alchemy, astrology, magic, spiritism, superstition or folklore.

In addition, we also offer antiquarian books on healing, like magnetism or homeopathy.

Another focal point is the fantastic literature, which includes utopias of all kinds, ghost stories and old science-fiction.

Also you will find curiosities, religious studies, mysticism and German mythology in our offers, various branches of the Lebensreform "life reform" up to the "völkisch movement".


Of course, any time we are interested in buying books on the above named subjects!


*Feel free to contact us for any questions you may have.*